Acer buergerianum (ab_3)


Dimensions: Truck base 8”, Height 34”

Nebari spread is 16″

Trident maples are probably the most used maple species used for bonsai next to Japanese maples. They have a naturally small tri-pointed leaf in which they get their common name that is very appealing to bonsai enthusiasts. They are generally pest free and grow very vigorously when healthy. Great for beginners to the craft! Trident maples grow best in full sun and evening shade and their zone is 5-9.

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This wonderful Trident Maple exhibits some of the best qualities of the species in bonsai.  It is quite large for a trident.  The leaves are well reduced and produce a wonderful scale.  The name of the tree is self-evident even if a little pretentious.  Doug is responsible for the name.

This tree was originally grown from seed by Bill Valavanis, one of the most widely regarded names in bonsai today.  Bill sold the seedling to Dan Nass, a bonsai artist and past president of the Atlanta Bonsai Society.  Dan grew out the tree is the field for several years to obtain the bulk in the trunk and the amazing nebari before he lifted it and put it into bonsai training.  Dan Nass is the artist of record from 1991 to 2017.  He sold the tree to Doug at that time.  Doug is currently the artist of record and Evan took over day to day maintenance in 2020 and has added his own personal aesthetic to the design.  This tree is currently undergoing a redesign of the apex with a shortening of the overall design and removal of some overly aggressive growth points.  Evan is taking the lead on the redesign and the ultimate look of the tree will be largely influenced by his approach.  Still, the tree clearly falls within the Japanese tradition and will continue so.

This tree is about 40 years old and has been in training for about 30 years.  The base of the tree is quite large at 12 inches and the current height is about 36 inches with a spread of about 40 inches.  It is currently in a production quality Chinese pot while the redesign is underway.