We have access to a large market of specimen bonsai. Whether your looking to buy or sell we can help you facilitate the best deal possible.


We handle every step from appraisal to delivery for you, insuring you get fair value for your tree. The process starts with an appraisal, 10 point health inspection and photographs. We then market your tree to potential buyers and handle final delivery for you once a buyer is found.


We have access to a large inventory of high quality bonsai specimens and new trees that are coming to market. If we cannot find the tree your looking for in the United States, we bring trees back from Japan a few times a year and would be happy to find you what you are looking for while there. On domestic sales we can arrange photographs or schedule a private viewing on any trees you are interested in, provide you with provenance for the tree, and handle transportation and delivery of your tree. On foreign imports we handle all customs documentation, as well as arrange for quarantine of your tree if required by the USDA.


Looking to buy or sell a fine art or specimen bonsai? We can take care of the busy work for you.