Carpinus caroliniana (18-047) *SOLD*

Dimensions: Trunk base 3 ½”, Height 20 ½”

American Hornbeam is native to the southern States. It is a small hardwood tree with “muscle” like protrusions. They have a leaf shape like elm and are deciduous as well. They grow well in full/partial sun and their zone is 3-9.

This American Hornbeam has had 3 years (2018) of training up to this point. The chop has been carved out and the leader has tapered nicely. This tree will be ready for building its secondary branch structure soon. It is fully established and could be potted into a bonsai container this coming season. It was collected in the winter of 2018. It is planted in a plastic bonsai training pot.

Available for local pickup from the Nursery.

Custom shipping available.

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American Hornbeam