Parrotia persica (pp_1)


Dimensions: Trunk base 3.5”, Height 33”

Witch hazels are commonly seen growing along river banks and streams. They contribute to their swampy environment in several different ways, including erosion. The Persian witch hazel is a unique variety which has an explosive Fall foliage color. They have very showy crimson red and orange leaf in Fall. Persian witch hazel grows best in party shade and it’s zone is 5-9.

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Persian Witch Hazel

Doug obtained a few of these trees from a local landscape grower and decided to give them a try as bonsai.  The species naturally forms a shallow, complex root mass well suited to bonsai.  The leaves are naturally large and reduce in bonsai training, but are still on the large side for bonsai.  Thus, this species requires a larger size to scale reasonably to the leaves.  The most dramatic feature of this tree is the bold crimson and yellow colors of the leaves in the fall.  Here in the southeast, we don’t get much fall color, but this one will make you think of fall in the mountains.

This tree was styled by Doug and is currently in his personal collection.