Taxodium distichum (td_04)


Dimensions: Trunk base 7”, Height 40”

“Cowpatty” was collected from a cow pastor in Springfield, La. The tree was found very close to the shape and proportions it is in now. It was a one of kind tree dwarfed by mother nature. Even the deadwood feature was cause by a cow laying into it and breaking it’s top and then cows nibbled the foliage of the tree making it very compact. This tree is from Evan’s personal collection and has been in training since 2016. It is in a traditional Chinese unglazed rectangle container.

“King of the Swamp” is the most appropriate way to describe our state tree here in Louisiana. Bald cypress makes an impressive bonsai specimen with broad root bases and feather like foliage masses. They are very flexible trees and take to wiring really well. “You can’t over water a bald cypress” has been stated many times before but they do like moist to slightly dry soil between waterings. Bald cypress love full sun and their zone is 4-10.

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Bald Cypress “Cowpatty”