Slight Revamp

After an unnecessary hiatus from my blog posts, I am back at it again.

Me, carving taper into a Japanese maple

For anyone who has visited our homepage in the past knows there has been some changes made to the overall layout. Now everything as been streamlined so content can be accessed a little easier and the webstore is clearly a separate clickable button. The site will be under construction for a while so just bear with us. My dad, who has excellent IT skills, is basically holding my hand through the whole process. So, I have faith and y’all have faith in me.

From here I intend on making posts about trees I’ve been developing and to talk about the people who love tiny trees just like me. Come to find out there are a great number of those out there that enjoy the art of bonsai, so I have plenty inspiration to pull from. I hope that the short quips I write will be insightful to those seeking answers in this niche art form.

In case you have not heard of the podcast I host here is a short commercial. Bonsai Southeast is a podcast for beginners to the more advanced bonsai practitioners. I cover a lot of topics pertaining to growing bonsai in the southeast United States. With special guests from literally all over, even some in different continents, we discuss on how we can relate in our experiences with bonsai. Believe it or not, bald cypress comes up a lot and I always ask how it grows in each range of the guest I speak with. You’d be surprised at how broad their range really is. You can listen to Bonsai Southeast on Spotify, Good Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms. For some reason my podcast fails to upload to Apple Podcasts so I’m still working the kink out on that. Here’s a link to the RSS page for the podcast >

Another thing of note is our monthly Third Thursday Live! “program” where I cover various topics pertaining to bonsai education. I know there is a good number of other bonsai professionals out there doing the same with much more powerful platforms, but I love to teach. The livestream normally is hosted from our Facebook page on every third Thursday, hence the name, but I am looking for a more compelling way to stream. If anyone out there that happens to be reading this has any ideas shoot me an email. I’m also in search a good video editor who is willing to work in the mindset of a start up type fashion. It’s not much right now but with the right video editing I think it could be something special. Some of the past lesson for the Third Thursday Live! are available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Type in Underhill Bonsai in the search bar and my face should pop up.

Just putting it out there, I am starting to travel a lot more and I can come visit your home and work with you on your bonsai collection. I have a day rate with travel charges included as well. Video consultations are also available.

With reintroductions out of the way, have a happy bonsai!